Registration for Cardistry-Con 2020 in Brussels, Belgium will go on sale later this year. Tickets will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. We highly recommend being ready to purchase immediately after we go live. Make sure you’re on our list to get the details.

Meet your Cardistry Idol


Regular attendees include Kevin Ho, Michael Stern, Chris Brown, Alejandro Portela, Paul Robaia, Edgar Isaac, Luis Mecalco, Nicolas Oliveros, Scott Black, Birger Karlsson, Shivraj Morzaria, Antoine Thomas, Dan Buck, Tobias Levin, Nikolaj Pedersen, Noel Heath, CJ Ocampo, Dimitri Arleri, Ladislas Toubart, Frank Sung, Dave Buck, Chris Severson, Matthew Beaudouin, Patrick Varnavas, Zach Mueller, Sean Oleson, Oliver Sogard, and many more!


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