The Cardistry-Con Championship 2019 Timeline

Beginning online on March 11th and ending on July 21st in Portland, this year’s CCC is set to be a gruelling battle to the finish between the latest generation of up-and-coming cardists. The stakes are even higher this year, so good luck to all our participants - we expect nothing but the best from you!


March 11—April 1

March 11—April 1: Open call for CCC #15secondstoimpress audition videos

April 1: Audition period ends

April 1—April 15: Judges evaluate entries, choose 16 contenders for CCC

round 1

April 15—May 7

April 15: Top 16 CCC Contenders announced, Round 1 begins

April 29: Round 1 videos due

April 29—May 7: Round 1 videos evaluated by judges

April 30—May 7: Round 1 videos posted in pairs daily for the next 8 days

May 8: Round 1 results announced

round 2

May 8—May 27

May 8: Round 2 begins

May 22: Round 2 videos due

May 22—May 26: Round 2 videos evaluated by judges

May 23—May 26: Round 2 videos posted in pairs daily for the next 4 days

May 27: Round 2 results announced, Semi-Final commences

semi-Final Round

May 27—June 15

May 27: Semi-Final Round begins

June 10: Semi-Final videos due

June 10—June 14: Semi-Final videos evaluated by judges

June 11 & 13: Semi-Final videos posted

June 15: Semi-Final Round results announced

Bonus round

June 15—July 20

June 15: Bonus Round begins

July 18: Bonus Round videos due

July 19: Bonus Round videos screened live at Cardistry-Con Portland. Judges vote on and announce 3rd and 4th place later that same day

Final Round

June 15—July 21

June 15: Final Round begins

July 19: Final Round videos due

July 20: Final Round videos screen at Cardistry-Con Portland

July 21: Final Round results announced; winner is crowned Cardistry-Con Champion 2019