CCC '17 Round 2 - RESULTS

We’re excited to announce our TOP 3 for the championship! It was a tough choice but our judges finally made their decision.
First let’s take a look and what the judges have to say about each video:


Claire: Clever ideas and good variety throughout the video but the sequencing was a little awkward. Would have liked to see more focus on rhythm and the flow of the routine.

Edgar: Awesome video! Great execution and an energetic presentation coupled with lots of memorable moments.

Gijs: The video shows creative mechanics and stylistic focus but is held back by poor execution. Really needed to see some cleaner packets in this one.

James: Ambitious cuts! Strong thinking throughout but the routine lacks variety. Would have liked to see a broader perspective.

Yang: Awesome execution but stays on one note for most of the routine. The presentation being a repeat of the first round was an interesting idea but unfortunately made the routine feel less memorable than it could have been.


Claire: probably favorite video due to amount of variety, kept me the most engaged and entertained. Camera wasn’t too close to the hands which is similar to how a spectator would be watching so it felt like the performance that fits real live audiences the best.

Edgar: Dope concepts with beautiful choreography, combined with a slick movement of the camera really made it polished and well rounded.

Gijs: Cool ideas, difficulty level seems really high but the messiness of packets and super slow pace looks like the fingers are tripping over each other. Should look more effortless to pull off those kind of cuts but the idea is definitely there, just needs more polish.

James: Dope fan! Solid execution. Everything flowed nicely but left more to be desired in terms of variety. Some of the cuts started to melt together and look repetitive/similar.

Yang: Flawless and effortless execution. Love the casualness and variety of selection. Smooth, solid control.


Claire: We love the fact that you shot outside, that’s a risk for an uncut video and it shows confidence! There were some very good moments but it was a bit uneven in general. It also lacked a bit of rhythm in the video to make it look like an actual “routine”.

Edgar: Great round! There’s not much to say about this video, it has good concepts and rhythm, pretty much all the moves are surprising and well thought of. Congrats.

Gijs: You definitely showed some good creativity in this round, and we love the fact that you actually worked on transitions between your moves, but the whole thing was maybe too ambitious: the execution was a bit weak and needed to be cleaner.

James: Some very good packet cuts, especially in the first half of the video. We do feel like the video should have ended on a better note, as this felt a bit anti-climactic. The cuts also felt a bit repetitive and we would love to see some more variety. We really like the fact that you actually worked on your angles for this video.

Yang: Perfect execution of very good moves, but the fact that you used the same music, background and a lot of the same moves as your round one felt a bit lazy. We also wish we saw some better transition between the moves, as this felt a bit too “casual” and not really choreographed.

And now for the TOP 3….




2 of those 3 contestants will be invited to Los Angeles for the final round! Who do you think will make it?

Congratulation to Claire and Gijs for making it this far. Both of them deserve a lot of respect for their amazing rounds !

- The Judges -