CCC 2016: Round 3

In this nail-biting semi-final round, we threw our Top 3 contestants a curveball and asked them to do something they normally wouldn't do: steal each other's moves.

Namely, each cardist had to include a flourish or variation of a flourish from their opponents' previous CCC rounds in their new video. The goal was to test their skill of learning and executing others' material; to see how they could 'cover' these moves in their own signature style; and for them to be able to tastefully blend these foreign flourishes in with their own.

This is the last round where our judging panel will be voting and giving their feedback before the two soon-to-determined finalists screen their last CCC videos live at Cardistry-Con next month, where the winner will be chosen by the attendees of the con.

The two winners from this round will be determined by this weekend. Stay tuned to our Instagram page for the big announcement: as you can tell from the entries below, it's gonna be a tough one.

First time hearing about the CCC? Click here for a quick refresher on what it is and how it works!