Registration is Closed

Registration this year SOLD OUT in less than a minute. We promise to have a bigger venue and more tickets available next year, and those details will come early 2019. For now, our 2018 conference in Hong Kong will happen the weekend of September 21-23. If you were lucky enough to score a ticket, we'll see you there! If not, we want to thank you for your interest and hope to see you next year! 

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Alejandro Portela, Andrei Jikh, Anthony Chanut, Antoine Thomas, Ben Pratt, Benji Taylor, Chris Severson, CJ Ocampo, Colie Buck, Daniel Lin, Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Dimitri Arleri, Franco Pascali, Frank Sung, Gentle Miracle, Jannieke van Geet, Jaspas Deck, Jed Frayne Kua, Jen Hassen, Justin Buck, Jirs Huygen, Ken Kua, Kevin Ho, Ladislas Toubart, Matthew Beaudouin, Melissa Buck, Melissa Portela, Michael Stern, Nicolas Oliveros, Nikolaj Pedersen, Noel Heath, Oliver Sogard, Patrick Kun, Patrick Varnavas, Paul Robaia, Sean Oleson, Shivraj Morzaria, Tobias Levin, Zach Mueller, and all the amazing people behind our sponsors not listed.