Cardistry-Con is an interactive conference centered around the art of cardistry, where cardists from all over the world can gather and explore the limitless expressive potential of an ordinary deck of playing cards.

This short documentary tells the story of how Cardistry-Con came to be and the amazing community that is pushing the limits of possibility and skill with a deck of cards. Filmed on location in Berlin, Germany during Cardistry-Con 2016. Cardists from all over the world gathered in an old chocolate factory to share their passion for cardistry, learn about the art, and connect with one another. Lifetime friendships were made, a new champion crowned, and together, we pushed the art to a whole new level.
One of the best weekends of my life, with all my favorite people.
— Zach Mueller

Past Conferences

Berlin, Germany

Brooklyn, New York



As a blossoming art form gaining rapid popularity, our purpose is to provide a platform where cardists around the world can gather to push the art forward: a place to share ideas and be inspired, learn from one another and collaborate, and have an absolute blast together.

By gathering the community, we believe cardistry will flourish like never before.


Cardistry-Con is for anyone interested in cardistry. Past conferences have brought together everyone from children just getting started, to veterans of the art. Although many of our attendees are highly skilled and among the best in the world, we promote an encouraging environment for all skill levels, and center the community in a collaborative effort to push the art forward.